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Max Lenderman Voice Network Badge Voice Network contributor, an ongoing writer for our guest opinion column.

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Max Lenderman is CEO of School, a purpose-led consultancy in Boulder, Colo., and a conflicted supporter of Arsenal FC.

It’s Time Brands Add Genuine Consciousness Into Their Marketing Mix

Rather than focusing only on potential profits.

Cannabis Brands Need to Establish a Purpose That Doesn’t Rely on Puns

Venturing into experiential is one way to do that.

How to Avoid Having Your Experiential Marketing Become Programmatic

Poorly executed experiences are like a pre-roll ad you can’t free yourself from.

3 Ways Agencies Can Remain Relevant in an Ever-Changing Industry

Being in advertising tends to be perilous.

How a Chief Purpose Officer Can Bring Internal Alignment to the C-Suite

They'll lay out agency intentions and bridge the gap between CEO and COO.

Brands Have Learned the Value of Purpose. Now They Must Actually Become Purpose-Led

We are on the cusp of an evolutionary leap for brands. Loosely put, we are in the midst of a shift in Maslow’s hierarchy of (brand) needs from love to esteem to self-actualization.

Want to Produce Craft Beyond the Norm? Hire Confident Oddballs

In the late 1960s, arguably the heyday of our industry, advertising icon David Ogilvy wrote a five-point memo to his office managers worldwide, noting "the characteristics which suggest to [him] that a person has the potential for rapid promotion." They were: The person is ambi