Max Lenderman

Max Lenderman

Instructor, Denver Ad School and University of Colorado Boulder
Max Lenderman teaches at Denver Ad School (DAD), University of Colorado Boulder and is a member of the Adweek Academic Council.

Brands (and Agencies) Can Do Better Than Platitudes and Statements, Especially Now

Agencies can do better at their own response to both the pandemic and racism.

A Prediction for Agencies in 2020: The Industry Will Delve Further Into Brand Purpose

The opportunity 2020 presents is the ability for brands and companies to present and establish their integrity credentials to their customers.

It’s Time Brands Add Genuine Consciousness Into Their Marketing Mix

Rather than focusing only on potential profits.

Cannabis Brands Need to Establish a Purpose That Doesn’t Rely on Puns

Venturing into experiential is one way to do that.

How to Avoid Having Your Experiential Marketing Become Programmatic

Poorly executed experiences are like a pre-roll ad you can’t free yourself from.

3 Ways Agencies Can Remain Relevant in an Ever-Changing Industry

Being in advertising tends to be perilous.

How a Chief Purpose Officer Can Bring Internal Alignment to the C-Suite

They'll lay out agency intentions and bridge the gap between CEO and COO.

Brands Have Learned the Value of Purpose. Now They Must Actually Become Purpose-Led

We are on the cusp of an evolutionary leap for brands. Loosely put, we are in the midst of a shift in Maslow’s hierarchy of (brand) needs from love to esteem to self-actualization.

Want to Produce Craft Beyond the Norm? Hire Confident Oddballs

In the late 1960s, arguably the heyday of our industry, advertising icon David Ogilvy wrote a five-point memo to his office managers worldwide, noting "the characteristics which suggest to [him] that a person has the potential for rapid promotion." They were: The person is ambi