Streaming (Content) 2020

This Creative Brought a Magical World to Life Using Virtual Reality

Barbarian’s executive creative director leans into her love of emerging tech.

Amazon Could End Up as an Unlikely Winner of the Retail Apocalypse

The retail giant could open physical storefronts now, taking over spaces while others shutter due to the pandemic

5G’s Rapid Growth Sparked a Conspiracy Theory That Spiraled Amid the Pandemic

The cellular tech requires many towers built quickly. Some saw dark intent, and now America could lose the race to adoption.

Though Deceptively Simple, Scrabble Has a Consumer Appeal That’s Persevered for Decades

The crossword board game has sold over 150 million copies in 29 languages, including English.

Clients Need Grounding Agency Creativity Now More Than Ever

This pandemic has reinforced that words only move so much; actions go the distance.

Why the Definition of Clean Beauty Isn’t as Crystal Clear as You Might Think

The confusion about the definition of clean beauty has created an opening for brands in what's become a growing category.

Seth Meyers on Filming Late Night at Home and Expanding Beyond Linear TV

Broadcasting from his attic during the pandemic, the NBC host is busier than ever.

TV Series Test New Formats During Covid-19 Production Shutdowns

TV producers are experimenting with everything from animation to remotely filmed shows to keep production going during Covid-19.

Infographic: What Gen Z Wants to See From Brands During a Pandemic

Almost 90% of younger consumers want companies to acknowledge Covid-19.