Infographic: What Gen Z Wants to See From Brands During a Pandemic

Almost 90% of younger consumers want companies to acknowledge Covid-19

says brand in the middle and has a bunch of small icons floating around with stats
Unsurprisingly, brands putting out helpful, authentic messages are the ones that resonate most with Gen Z. Carlos Monteiro
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The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought Gen Zers’ lives to a grinding halt: graduations canceled, first jobs delayed, proms held virtually. And on top of that comes the economic stress and worry that a loved one might contract the virus.

DoSomething surveyed consumers between the ages of 13 and 25 about their concerns surrounding the pandemic with a focus on the sorts of messaging they’d prefer to see from brands during this time and how these brands can engage their consumers to actually make a difference. For instance, those polled say they look to brands to provide factual information and want to see how brands are protecting employees.

Ultimately, this generation is pushing for brands to not gloss over stressful, troublesome times, going beyond canned, insincere statements. They want to know that the brands they consume are sincerely trying in this difficult environment, such as by giving back to local communities or sharing resources.

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@neco_ornot Nicole Ortiz is a senior editor at Adweek, overseeing magazine departments such as Trending, Talent Pool, Data Points, Voice and Perspective.