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As Green Steel Revs Up to Change the Auto Industry, Are Carmakers Ready for the Race?


The process is gaining speed in Europe but has its fair share of challenges to address.

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Infographic: How Influencers Really Feel About Sponsored Content

Data Points

Branded posts are up, but challenges remain.

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Brands Approach Halloween With a Revitalized Energy as Pandemic Dark Cloud Lifts

Creative Disruption

After two years of quarantines and Covid spikes, companies are bringing pre-pandemic ideas back to the table.

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An American Icon of the ’50s, the Kit-Cat Klock Still Enchants


The tale of the kitschiest timepiece since the cuckoo clock.

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Adam Heimlich’s Journey From Advertising Skeptic to Evangelist

Leadership & Talent

The former hip-hop writer put on a suit to help companies adapt.

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Brands Are Getting Scarily Good at Spooky Marketing


As horror heats up pop culture, some advertisers are even casting their own products as the villain.

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Retailers Grapple With Keeping Products Safe Without Inconveniencing Customers


Traditional anti-theft devices frustrate both would-be buyers and criminals alike.

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Media Plan of the Year Awards: Celebrating the Year’s Most Innovative Strategies

Media Plan of the Year

Twenty-two campaigns that took creativity and engagement to the next level.

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How Rick and Morty’s Drive-Thru Activation With Wendy’s Became a Viral Sensation

Media Plan of the Year

Inside the Spark Foundry-led experiential campaign that drove half a billion impressions.

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Marketers Are Obsessed With Acquisition. But What About Retention?


It's time to stop taking your existing customers for granted.