Twitter’s MoPub Mobile Monetization Platform Turns 10

It shared its Next 10 list of clients, partners setting the tone for the future

MoPub is also teaming up with nonprofit Games for Change MoPub

Twitter’s MoPub mobile monetization platform is celebrating its 10th anniversary by sharing its Next 10 list of 10 clients and partners that it sees driving the future of mobile applications and advertising over the next 10 years.

MoPub said in a blog post Tuesday, “As we reflect back, it’s clear that in today’s chaotic digital ecosystem, it’s more important than ever to choose a partner you can trust. At MoPub, we believe in shared values that will power both short-term and long-term growth for your business. We’re proud to be 10 years into serving our mission of making mobile in-app work for app publishers, demand-side partners and advertisers, and we’re looking forward to the next 10.”

As part of its celebration, MoPub is teaming up with nonprofit Games for Change, which empowers game creators and social innovators to drive real-world impact through games and immersive media.

MoPub will sponsor the Games for Change Student Challenge, a national game-based learning and game design competition that brings together cohorts of gaming industry professionals, students and teachers.

And Games for Change will be added to MoPub’s #BackfillForGood initiative, which enables MoPub publisher partners to donate some or all of their unfilled banner or full-screen ad space.

MoPub also shared a video of highlights from its first 10 years and invited people to share their favorite #MoPubMoment via tweet.

The platform’s Next 10 list is made up of:

  • Activision: The developer behind gaming hits including Call of Duty began working with the MoPub Marketer Program late last year to diversify channels in its programmatic marketing strategy and find new ways to scale.
  • Audiomack: The artist-first music streaming platform enables creators to share unlimited music and podcast content free-of-charge and provides them with tools to help grow their audiences. It became an early adopter of MoPub solutions including Advanced Bidding, which drove a major revenue increase for the company.
  • Bayer: The manufacturer of self-care products including Aleve, Claritin and Flintstones vitamins brought its programmatic buying in-house in 2018, and MoPub noted that it has shown proficiency in identifying and targeting the right audiences at scale via its exchange.
  • BitMango: One of the first gaming studios in Korea to focus on app monetization via in-app advertising, the company attributes its success in markets including France, the U.K. and the U.S. to its data-driven approach to sophisticated ad monetization. MoPub called out its “expert” waterfall management and ability to test and quickly adopt Advanced Bidding.
  • Liftoff: The complete mobile app marketing platform has been a MoPub demand-side platform partner since 2013, and MoPub called it “a forerunner in helping advertisers initially across non-gaming verticals including dating, finance and ecommerce—and, later, gaming genres—take advantage of programmatic.
  • Playrix: The developer behind chart-topping games including Fishdom, Gardenscapes, Homescapes and Wildscapes tapped the MoPub Marketer Program for both ad monetization and user acquisition, and it has become a major global buyer on in-app programmatic exchange MoPub Marketplace.
  • The Trade Desk: The agnostic programmatic connector bills itself as an independent option outside the walled-garden duopoly of Facebook and Google, and it has been a MoPub DSP partner since 2013. MoPub shouted out its “thought leadership in the in-app space,” which helps dispel myths keeping many advertisers away from the sector.
  • Verizon Media: The company is one of MoPub’s leading omnichannel demand partners, helping to consolidate the mobile advertising ecosystem through divisions including AOL, Jumptap, Millennial Media and Yahoo. MoPub pointed out Verizon Media’s embracing of innovative mobile formats, such as native ads, and its focus on direct-to-publisher relationships.
  • Voodoo: The Paris-based developer of hyper-casual gaming apps began working with MoPub in 2014 and became “a master of user acquisition and ad monetization.” Voodoo was an early adopter of Advanced Bidding, and it helped influence the design of MoPub’s impression-level revenue data solution, building a custom, automated business platform on top of the MoPub platform.
  • Zynga: One of the best-known mobile app gaming developers due to titles including FarmVille and Words With Friends, Zynga also acquired gaming publishers including Gram Games, Harpan, Peak Games, Rollic Games and Small Giant Games. MoPub saluted it for always using its resources to scale games and apps from those companies, as well as focusing on new opportunities for innovative monetization. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.