Twitter’s MoPub Moves Facebook Audience Network Into Open Beta for Advanced Bidding

Mintegral and Verizon Media will be added to its lineup of network bidders

AdColony and TapJoy, the other partners in the initiative, are still in closed beta MoPub
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Facebook Audience Network was moved into open beta in the advanced bidding process being developed by Twitter’s MoPub mobile monetization platform.

Publishers seeking to opt in to advanced bidding with Facebook Audience Network can reach out to their MoPub account teams or email

AdColony and TapJoy, the other partners in the initiative, are still in closed beta.

MoPub senior product manager for advanced bidding David Gregson wrote in a blog post, “We are thrilled that any publisher can now easily integrate one of the largest demand sources in the industry to bid on their inventory via advanced bidding. Once publishers have integrated with Facebook Audience Network and are live with advanced bidding, Facebook Audience Network immediately competes against the other 130+ bidders in the MoPub Marketplace, including the Twitter Audience Platform, in real-time.”

MoPub also revealed in its blog post that Mintegral and Verizon Media will soon join its lineup of network bidders, adding, “This will enable publishers and developers to access new programmatic demand and diversified ad formats while reducing the amount of time spent on waterfall management.”

Mintegral CEO Erick Fang said in the blog post, “MoPub is one of the most competent partners in the industry, and this cooperation will help us improve our understanding of the U.S. and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets, while at the same time enabling us to better serve European and U.S. developers. We also hope that this partnership will create incremental demand for MoPub’s publishers, especially in the Asian markets, through mediation and advanced bidding. We remain committed to being the bridge between East and West, and we believe that through this partnership, the two markets can communicate and learn more from each other, making everyone involved better as a result.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.