Twitter Made It Easier to Follow Back New Followers

Their profiles will appear in notifications.

Workplace by Facebook Unveiled a New Pricing Structure

The enterprise platform introduced three service tiers and an add-on option.

Facebook Rolled Out a Tool in the U.K. for Users to Report Scam Advertising

It was part of a settlement of a defamation lawsuit by consumer advice personality Martin Lewis.

Twitter Revealed the #GoldenTweet Winners From FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019

Authors of the best tweets in multiple categories will receive trophies.

Instagram: Here’s How to Share an IGTV Video to Your Story

Let followers watch content you enjoy.

National Geographic Is ‘Live-Tweeting’ the Apollo 11 Mission 50 Years to the Date

Content will reflect NASA’s transcripts of what was occurring at the exact time.

Ex-Vine Head Jason Toff Is Joining Facebook’s New NPE Team

The Google Area 120 partner will be its product management director.

Twitter’s Revamped Desktop Look Is Being Rolled Out to Everyone

Bookmarks, an Explore page and darker dark mode were added.

19% of U.S. Adults on Twitter Follow President Donald Trump

Pew Research Center found that 26% follow Barack Obama.

Creators on YouTube Are Getting More Monetization Options

Super Stickers, membership levels and more merchandising partners.