Twitter’s Revamped Desktop Look Is Being Rolled Out to Everyone

Bookmarks, an Explore page and darker dark mode were added.

19% of U.S. Adults on Twitter Follow President Donald Trump

Pew Research Center found that 26% follow Barack Obama.

Creators on YouTube Are Getting More Monetization Options

Super Stickers, membership levels and more merchandising partners.

Instagram: Here’s How to Use Superzoom Mode in Stories

You can choose from multiple effects.

Instagram: Here’s How to Use Focus Mode in Stories

Create posts with blurry backgrounds.

UPDATED: Twitter ArtHouse Opens Its Doors to Brands, But Entry Isn’t Cheap

The social network created a single destination for creator management, video editing, live broadcasting.

O Canada, Twitter Is Bringing Its Test to You

The social network will experiment with enabling people to hide replies to their tweets.

Facebook Continued Its Efforts to Help People Understand Why Specific Ads Are Served to Them

The social network’s "Why am I seeing this ad?" and Ad Preferences tools were updated.

Instagram: Here’s How to Create a Collection Using Saved Posts

Organize your favorite content.

LinkedIn Just Added 3 New Marketing Objectives to Its Campaign Manager

Brand awareness, website conversion and job applicants.