Food, Health and Beauty Topped Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch for July 2019

Aglaonema house plants cracked the list, as well.

YouTube Users Will No Longer Be Able to Direct-Message Each Other After Sept. 18

The feature debuted in August 2017 as a way to share videos with friends.

Twitter Acqui-Hired the Team Behind Startup Lightwell to Boost Its Conversation Effort

Suzanne Xie will become a director of product at the social network and lead the initiative.

Mark Ronson’s New Video Tapped Spark AR for Instagram

Sony Music added several interactive elements to Pieces of Us.

YouTube Music Is Now Available Within Waze

Navigation and entertainment without switching apps.

Facebook Begins Prepping Developers for Its New Off-Facebook Activity Tool

Facebook Login may be impacted once people start using it.

Instagram Will Test Back-to-Back Stories Ads From Different Brands

The photo- and video-sharing network insisted that user experience remains priority No. 1.

Facebook: Here’s How to Hide Memories About Certain Users

You can select multiple people.

YouTube Shared Its Top 6-Second Ads From July 2018 Through July 2019

Subaru grabbed the top spot in a list dominated by foods and beverages, CPGs.

Facebook IQ’s Hottest Hot Topic for July Was the Fourth Day of the Month

The Lion King topped entertainment discussion on the social network and Instagram.