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The Co-founder of Sparrow Advisers on Ad-Tech’s Foibles—and Its Future

Leadership & Talent

The consultant talks about her big-picture approach, her company's genesis and, of course, Jeff Goldblum.

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A Grocery Exec’s Hunting Trip Inspired the Name for a Still-Famous Kentucky Bourbon


On the venerable old spirit that’s become surprisingly trendy again

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DTC Brands Are Targeting Consumers Where Their Attention Is—Their Phones

Performance Marketing

Rather than sending out another overlooked email.

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Marketers Are Looking to Casual Mobile Gaming to Target Audiences


Developers and media buyers partner to reach consumers on their phones.

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As GDPR Rocks the EU Ad-Tech World, Vendors Must Learn to Adapt

The Future of Identity

Regulators have been forced to push back against some industry giants.

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Infographic: What and Why Millennials and Gen Zers Rent Instead of Buy

Data Points

New data from Lab42 shows a renting trend in the sharing economy.

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9 Tips From Google’s CMO for Creating a More Inclusive Work Environment


Lorraine Twohill shares advice gleaned from some of the tech giant’s recent initiatives.

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Broadcasters Used to Worry About Cannibalizing Viewers, but They’re Debuting 64 Shows This Week

Programming & Performance

Inside ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC’s decision to reembrace a single fall TV premiere week.