Facebook Creator Studio? There’s an App for That

The hub for creators and publishers now has a mobile companion.

Coronavirus Fears Prompt Facebook Gaming, Oculus to Pull Out of GDC 2020

This year’s Game Developers Conference will be held March 16 through 20 in San Francisco.

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Year three of the agreement totals 19 events from 12 countries and four continents.

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Canadians Can Now Sing Along With Facebook and Instagram

The two platforms extended several music features to the country.

IRS Seeks $9 Billion in Taxes From Facebook Over Sale of IP to Subsidiary in Ireland

A trial began this week in a tax court in San Francisco.

Twitter Now Lets Users Add New Tweets to Old Tweets

The social network had been testing the conversation-enhancing feature.

Branded Content Project Adds Pilot Group of 5 Publishers

They all serve communities of color and diverse audiences.

Michael Bloomberg Captures Twitter’s Attention During 9th Democratic Debate

But Elizabeth Warren was the most-tweeted-about candidate Wednesday night.

Yelp: Here’s How to Manage What Businesses Can See About You

Change your privacy setting.