KCRW Studio Web-Cam Contest Winner

Wow. Lots of responses. And most of them were along the lines of “Time For Morning Becomes Erectic!” or “Let me adjust my Bookworm.” I wasn’t even thinking in that […]

Quote of the Day

“Fox is trying to get back at ABC News. Like tomorrow night the Fox Network is going to have a big expose on how early in her career Barbara Walters […]

Media Miscellany: 05.06.2005

The New York Times knows where its bread is buttered, so they’re making their website even better! New features include better navigability and a bigger and better MEL for comparing […]


The City Paper’s Erik Wemple focuses this week on the growing intensity of the competition for the area’s 500,000 Hispanic readers. Wemple reports that El Comercio is taking the British […]

Alessandra Stanley: Nicer to Pat O’Brien, Corey Clark, and Dr. Phil than Katie Couric

New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley takes on CBS and ABC today about their recent primetime specials on Pat O’Brien‘s boozy, bingey past and the now-infamous American Idol scandal […]

Trump: Architectural Connoisseur

Trump: Architectural Connoisseur

Obits 5/6/05

A series of obits worth noting today: The incredibly talented (and adopted Vermonter) Michael Kernan, who joined the original staff of the Style section in 1969 and whose “graceful versatility […]

No Posts This Morning

I will be away from my computer until lunchtime. Miss you already.

More on Squitieri

The Washington Post and New York Times update with more details on the resignation under pressure of USA Today’s Pentagon writer Tom Squitieri.

Glass houses, big stones Part II: Michael Wolff redux

EVERYONE gets a takedown between Michael Wolff’s Vanity Fair hatchet-job on unfunny liberals and Jack Shafer’s rejoinder at Slate. (“Slate?” “Slate.”) As mentioned earlier this week, Wolff’s piece attacks Adam […]