Kendall Toole Explains Why You Don't Quit in New Brand Video

The Peloton star participates in a Persevering Profile from sports nutrition brand Don't Quit

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As a Peloton instructor, Kendall Toole knows something about perseverance.

Toole is a partner and shareholder in sports nutrition brand Don’t Quit, and ahead of her appearance at Brand Play, ADWEEK’s sports marketing summit, Thursday, ADWEEK has the exclusive premiere of the Peloton star’s new appearance in Don’t Quit’s Persevering Profile series.

In the video, Toole highlights the story of Jose Rubio, who overcame his father’s tragic death by throwing himself into the world of mixed martial arts via the Alta Warrior Program.

See Rubio’s story here:

Beyond Toole’s involvement in the company and her background as a Peloton instructor, her mental health advocacy, including being a national ambassador for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, made her a perfect fit for the video series.

Persevering Profiles will be an ongoing series for Don’t Quit, leaning into its perseverance brand messaging—a position that comes from Don’t Quit CEO Mark French and chief marketing officer Dave Cohen. Toole’s video is the second entry in the Persevering Profile series, following Don’t Quit partner Damar Hamlin’s Persevering Profile interview with Julia Harris.

Don’t Quit’s products can be found in retailers such as Walmart, Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions, CVS, Ralphs and more, and French told ADWEEK that the company is working with its retailers to find the next profiles to feature.

“It’s really this 360-marketing approach that is getting our retailers involved. They’re asking their consumers to nominate the next Persevering Profile,” French said. “Obviously, it’s very exciting to get interviewed by the likes of a Damar or Kendall, so we’re using their big spotlights not to shine it on the athletes, but on these people that have these amazing stories.”

Cohen added that the profiles go beyond simply selling products or showcasing celebrities and will take a hybrid approach to truly embrace the company’s messaging.

“There will be some that are interviewed by a Damar or Kendall, but we’ll also be highlighting mini Persevering Profiles on our social media, so you’ll see them pop up in the coming months,” Cohen said. “So there’s an ongoing shining of the light on inspiring stories.”

You can learn more and nominate someone for the next Persevering Profile here.

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