The Adweek Academic Council

Sharing their expertise in all things marketing, media and tech

Adweek’s Academic Council is a group of professors and others working in academia specializing in marketing, advertising, branding, media and tech who have agreed to lend their expertise to Adweek in an effort to help push the conversation forward. They offer their insights to us in the form of contributed articles and serving as sources for our reported pieces.

Photo of Beth Egan}

Beth Egan

Associate Professor of Advertising, Syracuse University

Photo of Brad Brinegar}

Brad Brinegar

Executive in Residence, Duke University

Photo of Brian Sheehan}

Brian Sheehan

Professor of Advertising, Syracuse University

Photo of Deb Morrison}

Deb Morrison

Professor of Advertising, University of Oregon

Photo of Debika Sihi}

Debika Sihi

Associate Professor of Business, Southwestern University

Photo of Elina Tang}

Elina Tang

Marketing Professor, Northern Illinois University

Photo of Jacqueline Babb}

Jacqueline Babb

Senior Lecturer, Northwestern University

Photo of Joachim Scholz}

Joachim Scholz

Marketing Professor, Brock University

Photo of Jonathan Simon}

Jonathan Simon

Director of Marketing and Communications / Professor, University of Ottawa

Photo of Karen Freberg}

Karen Freberg

Associate Professor, Strategic Communications, University of Louisville

Photo of Max Lenderman}

Max Lenderman

Instructor, Denver Ad School and University of Colorado Boulder

Photo of Michael Zahn}

Michael Zahn

Assistant Professor of Practice, Texas Tech University

Photo of Monique Bell}

Monique Bell

Associate Professor of Marketing, CSU Fresno

Photo of Nicole Alexander}

Nicole Alexander

Global Head of Marketing at Meta, Professor of Marketing at New York University

Photo of Rafic Sinno}

Rafic Sinno

Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Dubuque

Photo of Scott Hamula}

Scott Hamula

Associate Professor Department Chair, Ithaca College

Photo of Steve Bien-Aime}

Steve Bien-Aime

Assistant Professor, Northern Kentucky University

Photo of William Parker}

William Parker

Adjunct Professor and Board Member, City College of New York