Lessons From Hallmark Channel’s Flip-Flopping on Running the Same-Sex Zola Ad

Going back and forth made them anger viewers on both sides of the issue

Zola commercial same sex couple hallmark 2019
When Hallmark ran Zola's commercial, they faced backlash, but they also faced backlash when they pulled the spot. Zola

The last few days have been a crazy ride for Hallmark. After receiving complaints from conservative activist group One Million Moms (1MM), Hallmark Channel pulled a commercial that featured a same-sex couple kissing. This decision triggered a massive social media firestorm. Just three days later, Hallmark’s CEO issued a public apology and promised to reinstate the ad.

@joscholz Joachim Scholz is a marketing professor at Brock University and a member of our Adweek Academic Council.