Next Tech Issue I

This Bay Area Shop Makes Data and AI Work for Clients From MTV to the Dalai Lama

Stamen Design also relies on strategic storytelling.

How Kool-Aid, a 90-Year-Old Summertime Icon, Has Stayed So Popular for So Long

The tasty, colorful drink mix has been fruity, fun and affordable since the Great Depression.

How Video Platforms and Brands Are Courting the Next Generation of Internet Stars

There's a talent grab going on for content creators by Facebook, YouTube and brands like AT&T and Verizon’s go90.

The 3 Ingredients That Helped Nestlé Infuse Innovation Into Its Corporate Culture

The company's digital transformation started from within.

The Knot’s Chief Innovator Helps Local Wedding Businesses Connect With a Social-Savvy Audience

Anja Winikka creates in-person workshops around the country.

Infographic: How Consumers Want Companies to Use Customer-Service Chatbots

Customers want to use them for easy questions, keeping things fast and simple.

Why Brands Should Shift Their Focus From Data to Identity

By fusing marketing science and art to drive customer engagement, brands can regain their former swagger.

Adweek Kicks Off ‘Next Tech’ Series on the Jobs and Platforms You Need to Know About Now

Beginning with this issue—and over the course of the next four weeks online and in print—we’ll take a deep dive into the future of marketing.

Tech Is Transforming Careers Like Never Before. Just Ask Bevel Founder Tristan Walker

He applied data know-how to an age-old problem and revolutionized shaving.

Mar Tech Is the Latest Buzzword for Brands and Agencies, but What Does It Actually Mean?

These five frequently asked questions might give newbies a better idea.