Humble Voice – Community of Artists

Not long ago was launched new community of artists called Humble Voice. The idea of Humble Voice is to join creative people – musicians, artists, photographers, writers and to create […]

Identikit from Mono

Mono have created funny tool to make funny faces, there are almost 1 million combinations just click the mouth, nose, head eyes to create different monoface. [tags]mono, monoface, funny, flash[/tags]

Skype Extras – Radio

With the new Skype 3.0 we have access to Skype Extras which considerably extends possibilities of Skype and gives users to entertain and interact with each other. One of the […]

Flash Site of the Month – Orisinal by Ferry Halim

Ferry Halim have made one of the best Flash games that I ever seen and because now is holiday season I think these games will be just in time.

Applications will Return Back to Desktop

There was a time when applications was moving from computer desktops to the web and was made such services like Ajax Word and Excel. But now looks like evolution is […]

StumbleVideo – Discover Great Videos

StumbleUpon now have introduced to public new service StumbleVideo which can ease you to search videos you want. As the Internet video now is on the wave I think StumbleUpon […]

FWA People's Choice Award 2006

Listen here! If you feel that your judgment can affect things in this world and if you are interested in web design you need to submit your vote at FWA […]

Microsoft's business idea challenge

Microsoft have announced challenge for best small business idea and the winner take the $100,000 and free retail location in New York City for one year. I think it is […]

New York Times is Going to be Modern

This is important turning point for online media and media in general because New York Times decided to let users to share news on three online social news sites – […]

9rules Round 5 Update

Couple months ago 9rules Network announced that they will open round 5 to enroll new members. October 24th was the day when 9rules opened 24h long submission round for people […]