Walgreens Taps Adobe to Create a More Personalized, Relevant Customer Experience

The retailer’s CMO says pandemic-related consumer behavior changes are here to stay.

Walmart China Taps Varcode’s Technology to Improve Food Safety

Varcode is providing Walmart China with a digital technology that allows the retail giant to track the freshness of perishable foods.

Walmart Is Expanding Its Third-Party Marketplace With Shopify

The partnership allows new merchants to sell products on the retail giant's website.

Wholesale Brands, Stuck With Excess Inventory, Find Inventive Ways to Entice Shoppers

Apparel companies Duer, Paige, Vuori and Cuts Clothing all pivot to new models as retailers cancel orders.

Navigating Your Way Through the Pandemic With Location Data

A more granular, market-by-market approach with location targeting featuring geofencing capability, needs to be at the heart of every brand’s plans.

3 Ways to Experiment With Platforms and Strategy During the Pandemic

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Higher Education Is Now Functioning With Much More Humanity

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10 Steps to Smoothly Win a Virtual Pitch

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The Frito-Lay Snack Society Is an Invite-Only Fan Club for Chip Lovers

The snack food giant has formed The Frito-Lay Snack Society, a community of just 22 members.

Walmart Is Creating an Amazon Prime-Like Membership Program

The service will be called Walmart+.