What Are Pinterest Users Into Now? Check Out Pinterest’s New Categories

By Devon Glenn 

If you’ve been poking around Pinterest in the last couple of days, you might have noticed some new categories on the menu. Yes, weddings are on there now, but so are tattoos!

Here’s what the pull-down menu looks like now. (We’ve marked some of the new additions in red.)

Pinterest explained the changes in a blog post:

All our old categories have also been improved so you should see less miscategorized pins as you browse. We’ll always be adjusting our technologies to make them more accurate, but we really appreciate the feedback we received to get us to this point. Lastly, we tweaked a few category names to better showcase the interests and communities we’ve seen grow on Pinterest. For example, “Pets” is now “Animals”, and “Prints & Posters” is freshly minted as “Illustrations & Posters.”

The “Tattoos” are worth a look. They’re beautiful.

Quotations have also been popular thanks in part to Pinaquote.com (now called Shareasimage.com), which made it possible to display text more beautifully on image-sharing sites like Pinterest.

Although Pinterest lends itself well to e-commerce, the social curation site is actually more flexible than that. Pins are rich with keywords and cover a wide range of topics. In time, they might be as easy to surface as Google Images.

For now, it still takes a human eye to catch those pins that fit multiple categories. There are quotes and there are tattoos, but what about tattoos of quotes? It’s hard to see, but at the bottom of the picture above, there’s a girl with a quote from the French philosopher Albert Camus tattooed on her back. It reads, “Au milieu de l’hiver, j’ai découvert en moi un invincible été.” (In the depths of winter, I discovered there was in me an invincible summer.)