Chatback with your Gtalk Pals on Your Blog or Website

If you have been a Gtalk users since it was launched by Google, you would be glad to find out that it now has a chatback feature. This much sought after feature enables you to communicate with friends right inside your websites or blogs. Yup, no need to login and fire up the GTalk windows to chat with your friends this time.

The Google Talk Chatback interface comes in the form of a badge that you can embed into your site/blog. Your GTalk friends can easily know if they can talk to you through the online status prompt displayed in the GTalk badge.

Chatback doesn’t need to be installed separately because it runs on Google Talk Gadget. All you have to do to use it in your website or blog is your Google Talk account. It doesn’t even matter whether your site visitors have a Google Talk account or not to chat with you.

If this sound all familiar to you, that’s because Google Talk Chatback feature works just like those free shoutboxes that you stick on to your blogs or site. Actually there’s not much difference from those shoutbox widgets that we use before, except for the fact that Google Talk Chatback is tied up to your Gmail account. And of course it is a Google product.

To use Google Talk Chatback on your blog/site, login to your Gmail account, visit the Chatback start page and copy the HTML snippet into your blog/site.