Robert Klara

How This Pet Food Brand Got Ice-T to Dress Like His Bulldog

Cesar's holiday sweater campaign celebrates the tackiness in all our hearts

As America gears up for Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa (on Dec. 24, 25 and 26, respectively), there's another year-end holiday coming even sooner, on Dec. 16. The good news is…

How Yule Log Videos Went From a Quirky Idea to a Hot Marketing Tool

Millions of people are willing to watch

According to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, only about half (52 percent) of American homes have a fireplace. For the 48 percent of us who are flueless, it's not…

Self-Help Godfather Dale Carnegie's Namesake Course Is Rebranding for the 21st Century

Reaching millennials and remaining relevant

If you're among the fortunate few to be invited into Warren Buffett's office in Omaha, Neb., you might notice something unusual about the walls. The billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway founder…

How Tito’s Vodka Poured On the Charm and Grew Bigger Than Texas

'Handmade' hooch now sells 3 million cases a year

Bertito Beveridge—"Tito" to everyone—likes to tell the story of how he first tried to get into the liquor business in 1993. The Texas-born geophysicist-turned-mortgage broker, who'd begun adding flavors to…

Black and Decker Got Belgians to Eat Dinner Right Off the Floor of an Old Post Office

A daring stunt to promote the Steam-Mop

Everybody's heard the saying—often in reference to how well someone kept house—that the floor was so clean you could eat off it. But nobody really meant that literally, did they? Well,…

Check Out How Cheez Doodles Just Totally Cheesed Up Its New Packaging

Iconic snack food embraces the orange dust

Americans spent about $1.4 billion on cheese snacks this year, and few brands know that better than Wise. The snack giant has been making Cheez Doodles since the early 1950s—extruding…

How Justin Bieber Booted Bing Crosby Off Retail Stores' Christmas Music Playlists

Survey shows surprising trends in holiday tunes

Right now, if you were to walk into a retail store anywhere in the world, there's a 1 in 10 chance you'd hear a Christmas song thumping through the PA.…

Here's What's Made Tony the Tiger Cereal's Coolest Cat for So Many Years

Frosted Flakes makes kids feel gr-r-reat

In September, the media converged in Midtown Manhattan for a press conference with an outspoken, controversial celebrity with orange hair. He would take questions, the PR people promised. He would…

OK Go's Latest Video Extravaganza Is About Changing the World—That and Morton Salt

Brand shakes it up for social good

Aside from its catchy hooks, Chicago indie-rock band OK Go is known for pushing the visual envelope. In the now famous 2009 video for "Here it Goes Again," the four-man…

How Marketing Helped Milk-Bone Create the $3 Billion Dog-Treat Market

The 108-year-old brand still dominates

If it weren't for the organic chemist who invented margarine, the dogs of America would have no treats. Or so the story goes, but first the facts. Dog treats are serious…