Brand Marketing

Coke plans to put its polar bears to work

Coca-Cola USA will allow its soda-guzzling spokesbeasts, the “Cola Bears,” no time for hibernation this winter. Coke will make the computer-animated polar bears, which first appeared early this year in […]

TV Network Market Starts to Kick In

NEW YORK – The network marketplace has finally kicked into gear over the last week, with the best estimate that there’s $75 million worth of primetime scatter money working now. […]

U.K.’s CIA Group buys Italian Media Shop

LONDON – CIA Group, one of the U.K.’s leading media independents, has finalized a deal with the Italian media company Medianetwork. Earlier plans for a 100% purchase of Medianetwork subsidiary […]

Jay Chiat Is Looking for Sale Opportunity

NEW YORK – Jay Chiat has been putting out feelers in the ad communities on both sides of the Atlantic in an attempt to evaluate interest in a sale of […]

FOR-SALE SIGNS: All or Part of Chiat/Day Network Could Be Up for Grabs By Alison Fahey and Michael McCarth

Jay Chiat has been putting out feelers in the ad communities on both sides of the Atlantic in an attempt t

On the heels of much speculation that Chiat’s London office has had lengthy merger talks with several British shops including Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury, sources now believe that Chiat’s U.S. […]


The perfect play on words that accents each of the striking visuals in Wieden & Kennedy’s print campaign for Swid Powell, a small, East Coast tableware maker, represents the kind […]


Clients and co-workers credit Jon Steel, director of planning at Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein/S.F. with a special talent for being able to define the audience for a product and understand […]


When you’ve got a tagline like ‘no sissy food, no sissy portions,’ you can be sure the commercial won’t be for the fainthearted. When Goldberg Moser O’Neill/S.F. filmed its first […]

Does Hewlett-Packard Need to Power Up?: OmniBook’s $2-Million Ad Budget May Be Too Small for the Job

SAN FRANCISCO – If the early reviews are any indication, Hewlett-Packard has a hot product on its hands with the OmniBook 300, the company’s first entry into the portable computer […]

Brooks Sports Shoes Meets With Trio of Seattle Shops By Kathy Tyre

SEATTLE – Executives at running shoe manufacturer Brooks Sports heard presentations last week from three local agencies believed to be competing f

The agencies believed to have made pitches include Seattle shops Borders, Perrin & Norrander, Livingston & Co. and McCann-Erickson. Brooks’ current agency, Griffin Bacal/N.Y., did not participate in the review, […]