Celebrity Endorsements

It’s not a glitch. Tiger does walk on water.

Electronic Arts doesn’t make mistakes. That’s clear from this nifty bit of customer outreach. What happened was: A player of EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08 found a glitch in […]

Muhummad Ali had a thing for cockroaches

In the retrospectives of Muhammad Ali’s illustrious career, his enthusiastic promotion of D-Con roach killer is rarely mentioned, even though his face appeared on the box. Not only that, in […]

Keith Richards joins Louis Vuitton campaign

Keith Richards has been photographed by Annie Leibowitz for the latest Louis Vuitton ad, and his involvement in the campaign makes sense—if you’re selling leather bags, why not hire one, […]

Creepy secret message in Gorbachev ad?

New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer today took a closer look at this Louis Vuitton ad with Mikhail Gorbachev (running on the back cover of this week’s issue) and promptly soiled […]