CES 2024 and Eureka Park Unveiled Tomorrow's Neatest Trends in Consumer Tech

These pioneering products, still in their infancy, serve as crucial indicators of evolving consumer preferences

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As always, CES can be an overwhelming display of technology and potential for the future. Focusing on the dynamic landscape of CES, Eureka Park is one of my favorite areas to explore, always emerging as a pivotal platform for innovation while showcasing new products and startups that are set to influence consumer technology in 2024 and beyond.

This hub is where nascent companies and fresh faces in the tech arena unveil their groundbreaking ideas, signaling the future trends captivating market interests. These pioneering products, still in their infancy, serve as crucial indicators of evolving consumer preferences, offering invaluable insights for marketers and advertising professionals.

Photo of hand holding name badge that reads CES: Goldie Chan, Los Angeles CA. Background is blurry shot of people walking through airport.
Author Goldie Chan picks up her CES media badge at the vibrant Harry Reid airport before heading over to CES. Goldie Chan

Here are three trends I spotted: personal care reimagined, efficient smart home solutions and sustainability at the forefront, along with the latest brands that exemplify these trends.

Evolving consumer expectations in wellness and beauty

The personal care technology sector is transforming, driven by demands for convenience, luxury and personalization. This shift towards enhanced self-care opens new avenues for brands to engage audiences intimately.


The future of nail care is here. Nimble signals the increase in demand for personal grooming tech. This smart, at-home nail salon is a marvel of technology and design, showcasing what’s possible when innovation meets beauty. With the capability to scan, paint and dry nails all in one device, Nimble offers a salon-quality experience in the comfort of one’s home.

It boasts over 600 components, backed by 30 patents, making it a pinnacle of engineering in the beauty tech space. A statement piece that combines the luxury of a professional salon with the convenience of home use, priced at $599.


The Y-Brush is revolutionizing oral hygiene; it addresses the modern consumer’s pursuit of efficiency without compromising on quality. This innovation in dental care meets the increasing demand for quick yet effective solutions to everyday tasks, indicative of the broader trend towards streamlined personal care routines.

Advancing comfort and efficiency in everyday life

The smart home technology sector is expanding beyond mere convenience, focusing on products that enhance the quality of life through intelligent design and multifunctionality. This reflects a market shift towards integrated, intuitive solutions in home management.


Gameboard from the Last Gameboard company was featured by Samsung and AARP to make board games interactive. This 22-inch touchscreen device brings together the physical and digital worlds, featuring a high-resolution SenseScreen display that’s compatible with both digital and physical game pieces.

With its open platform supporting Unity and Unreal engine-built games and robust connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, stereo speakers and microphones, Gameboard caters to a diverse range of gaming preferences.


Unveiled at CES 2024, Backtrack is set to transform how sales teams operate in bustling environments. Imagine a tool that discreetly operates in the background, ready to capture and save the last five minutes of conversation on demand. Snap a photo of a business card or input an email address, and Backtrack springs into action, automating the entire process.

It’s not just about recording audio; Backtrack automatically generates a link and creates an AI-generated summary and transcription of your conversations.

The rise of eco-conscious tech solutions

Sustainability has become a central theme in consumer tech, reflecting a growing market demand for products that are not only innovative but also environmentally conscious. This trend is a response to a broader societal shift towards sustainable living, where consumers are increasingly seeking out products that align with their values of environmental responsibility.


The world’s first smokeless indoor coffee roaster by Bunafr is a prime example of this trend. It’s not just about the unique product; it’s about a commitment to reinventing the coffee supply chain for a more sustainable future. This reflects a market that’s increasingly attentive to the environmental impact of their consumption choices, presenting an opportunity for brands to align with eco-conscious values.

These emerging products, though not yet household names, are key indicators of what the market is seeking: personalized care, smart home convenience, business efficiency and sustainable solutions. For marketing and advertising executives, understanding these trends is critical. They offer a window into the evolving consumer mindset, highlighting the need for campaigns and strategies that resonate with these emerging preferences and values.