Super Bowl LII Teams Dominate Likes, Comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Meanwhile, the runners-up led in growth and engagement

The season comes to a close with Super Bowl LII this Sunday

They may have lost in their respective conference championship games, but the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars dominated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from the National Football League’s divisional round through the Pro Bowl, according to social marketing firm Unmetric.

During the period from Jan. 13 through 28, the Vikings had the most growth on Twitter and Instagram and the most engagement on Facebook and Twitter, while the Jaguars led in Facebook growth and Instagram engagement.

However, when it came to likes and comments, to the victors went the spoils, as the two teams participating in Super Bowl LII swept the categories, with the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots dominating.

The Patriots tallied the most likes on Facebook and Instagram and the most comments across all three social networks, while the Philadelphia Eagles led Twitter in likes.

The Eagles had the most Facebook posts during the time period examined by Unmetric, while the Patriots were the most prolific tweeters and the Vikings were the busiest NFL team on Instagram.

The leaders in audience size across the three social networks showed no signs of changing: the Dallas Cowboys on Facebook and the Patriots on Twitter and Instagram.

Unmetric analyzed all of the teams in the league on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from Jan. 13 through 28, using its cross-channel reports.