Tim Nudd

Tim Nudd

Adweek creative editor
Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.

Basic Instinct

Your online ads aren’t working? Try adding the occasional reference to on-camera sex. X10.com wasn’t shy about doing so, and traffic to its site has apparently grown by leaps and […]

That’s a Moray!

New York’s not the only place where ad execs get eaten alive. Over a seafood lunch last week, Terrie Paladino, chief development officer at Publicis, reminisced with Shoptalk about the […]

Forbidden Fruit

Anton LaVey certainly did “Think different,” but Apple appears to want no part of him. LaVey, the late Church of Satan founder, believed Christianity and other religions to be oppressive […]

love in the air at burnett

The love bug has struck with a vengeance at Leo Burnett, and it ain’t no computer virus. In the same week that account supervisor Birgit Wendt graced a portion of […]

in support of public service

Christopher Reeve extolled the virtues of public service and mentioned the often-comical vagaries of shooting commer cials as Saatchi & Saatchi looked back at its body of pro-bono work in […]

Coverup in Sheboygan

Teaser campaign or vandalism? Sheboygan, Wis., can’t decide. The puzzler arose when someone apparently got cheesed off by a billboard for Seagram’s Captain Morgan rum featuring a beach party with […]

A Site for the Times

Advertising layoff victims unite! Or at least buy a T-shirt! That’s the gospel Carlotta Stankiewicz is preaching these days. The writer and associate creative director was laid off in November […]

Springtime For Media Buyers

It’s not unusual for media sellers to curry favor with buyers by taking them and their spouses to see a hit Broadway play. It is a bit of a gamble […]

Ooh, That Smell

The smell of success may be more acrid than sweet at Animal Planet.To get the attention of dog owners, the network’s U.K. channel is first going after dogs—by affixing ads […]

Feeling Nervous Yet?

Instead of “Does creativity count?” perhaps we should ask, “Does effectiveness count?” This year’s winners of Effie Awards—which reward advertising that actually works—included a conspicu ous number of clients who […]