Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek.
Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering digital marketing trends, social platforms, ad tech and emerging tech.

New Balance Turns Brick-and-Mortar Stores Into Online Video Hubs

New Balance will launch mini red carpet events in 50 specialty running stores on Thursday to show off a video experience that helps launch the new 880v4 athletic running shoe.

Experts: McDonald’s Needs Better Grip on Millennials Before Moving Social Strategy Forward

When it comes to brands charged with spearheading a social media strategy, McDonald’s brand managers have it rough. The burger slinger routinely gets beat up on social media with negative comments and mentions, some of which it tries to deal with on Twitter.

Travelocity’s Shark Week Tracker Is Already Generating Social Buzz

Big-name brands are champing at the bit to jump into the social conversation around Discovery's annual Shark Week event, with some names like Travelocity already seeing some promising results.

Would You Tweet for These Flip-Flops?

Are street-based vending machines key to taking social commerce mainstream?

Smokey Bear’s 70th Birthday Is Cause for Celebration—on Instagram

The U.S. Forest Service is about to become one of the first federal organizations to run Instagram ads in the mobile-social app with a splash tomorrow to celebrate the 70th birthday of Smokey Bear.

New York Life Is a True Believer in Organic Content

The trend of brands acting as publishers has been around for years, but it’s an intriguing tactic for insurance companies, which typically rely on lead generation and other hard-sell tactics to drive business. Nevertheless, New York Life has embraced content-heavy marketing (with the help of Conductor) in the past two years.

Auntie Anne’s Debuts App to Help You Track Your Pretzel Addiction

Would you use a mobile app to keep track of how many pretzels you bought? That's the idea behind Auntie Anne's national rollout of its loyalty program and its accompanying app dubbed My Pretzel Perks.

ESPN Proves That Even Poker Videos Can Go Viral

ESPN is known for keeping sports fans on the edge of their seats with football, basketball and hockey coverage. But what about poker? This week’s top spot in the Adweek/VidIQ top ten branded video chart comes from a dramatic YouTube clip that the sports broadcaster uploaded from the World Series of Poker.

Twitter Lets Advertisers Buy Against Campaign Goals

Twitter has rolled out a new tool for advertisers dubbed objective-based campaigns that let marketers set up, measure and optimize promos. The social site’s new tools let marketers manage their campaigns based on goals like driving either Web traffic, app installs or increasing followers.

Lancôme Is Getting a 60% Monthly Action Rate With New Loyalty Program

Luxury brands are often singled out as slow adopters when it comes to digital, primarily because there’s still reluctance from consumers to buy high-ticket items online.