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Levi’s Blows Up Berlin Walls in Attempt to Look Cool

Watching things explode on camera is really cool. Just ask Michael Bay. Or Levi's and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. The agency turned to Portuguese street artist Vhils to help create murals in cultural hotspot Berlin promoting the brand's "Go Forth" campaign, which declares its denim to be the "Uniform of Progress" and its wearers to be pioneers.

Ad of the Day: Volkswagen

The guy in this new Volkswagen Touareg ad from DDB Sydney has it all—a roomy house on a tree-lined street, a beautiful family, daily newspaper delivery, and, of course, a shiny SUV. Unfortunately, a strange and persistent blemish—namely, his fetish for the car—spoils this little slice of suburban paradise.

Man’s Animated Tattoo Brought to You by Ballantine’s Whisky

Tat-vertising seems to be all the rage. People get some sort of twisted pleasure from watching other people permanently etch crap on their bodies on behalf of brands. (It's probably a mix of awe and superiority.) Regardless, the genre may be the closest thing to a guaranteed viral advertising stunt.

Beck’s Gets Even Artsier With Green Door to Nowhere

Last week, Beck's announced it was launching "augmented reality galleries" scattered across a couple of continents—a bunch of green boxes marking locations where people can use their smartphones and tablets to view art commissioned by the brand. While the main campaign is being handled by Mother London, it's apparently unusual and complicated enough to need some extra explaining—even in New York, where everyone is famously savvier than, you know, the rest of the world. Frank Collective, a small Dumbo shop founded in early 2011, is installing several nifty green doors in Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan as part of a meta effort to help drive people to the city's installations. Unfortunately, the prompt on the one shown here—to find the green box—may spawn some confusion, as the Statue of Liberty gallery, for whatever reason, doesn't actually include a green box. (Other galleries due to appear around the city will have them.) More photos after the jump. 

In a Pinch for a Pitch? Just Spin the Wheel of Concept

Much of the advertising industry seems to run proudly on bullshit. That’s especially true in the Web and mobile space, where rapidly changing technologies have created even more ways for agencies to sell clients ideas that may or may not actually help build brands (or work at all, really).

Ad of the Day: HP TouchPad

Meet Russell Brand’s “robot butler.” That’s what the comedian, actor, singer — and now pitchman for HP tablets — calls his TouchPad gadget in this new spot from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Ad of the Day: Nike

Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam’s “Write the Future” campaign for Nike, which ran during the 2010 World Cup, has been more or less celebrated to death. Lobs a Brick at the American Dream in ‘1984’ Redux

The world didn’t really need another homage to Apple’s famous “1984” spot. But this bit from, created by branded content shop Conscious Minds, uses some striking imagery to push a fairly subversive message: That the American Dream, traditionally conceived as home ownership, isn’t all that great.

Ad of the Day: Xfinity

Comcast’s attempt last year to spruce up its image by rebranding its high-speed services under the somewhat dubious name Xfinity was met, as one might expect, with ridicule.

Beck’s Launches Virtual Art Galleries

Beck’s beer fancies itself a patron of the arts.