Corinne Grinapol

Corinne Grinapol

Corinne Grinapol covers the media and publishing industry as a longtime contributor for and, later, Adweek.

How Alle Fister Turned a Customer Comment Into a Career

Straight out of college, Alle Fister was driven. A  smart post to fashion site Shopbop‘s customer comments page earned Fister a stylist position there, and her hard work led her […]

Get Your Pitch Accepted into’s Daily Roster of 150+ Posts, the online destination for New York magazine, covers news, culture, fashion and pyschology with the same witty, urbane voice that declared itself over four decades ago, epitomized by Tom Wolfe’s legendary, […]

Pitch Profiles and Photo Essays to New Lifestyle Magazine Oak Street

Men’s clothing line Frank & Oak recently made a foray into the world of publishing with Oak Street magazine, whose 190-page introductory issue debuted this spring. The magazine both capitalizes on […]

So What Do You Do, Jeff Macke, Author and Investment Reporter for Yahoo Finance?

The media world is filled with personalities who started out in other fields entirely and were able to use their previous experience to break into TV news or publishing. For […]

Pitch Poignant Personal Stories and Service Pieces to Brides

Turn wedding season into more than weekends spent at converted farmhouses and wages diverted to bridal registries and formal wear. If you can operate as both guest and reporter at […]

Philadelphia Magazine’s Low Pitch Count Means Now is the Time to Get Noticed

First-timers pitching to regional glossy Philadelphia will want to start small, targeting their pitches to the front-of-book sections that have just recently been opened to freelancers. Build a relationship with the […]

Outside Seeks Inspiring Adventure Stories With a Strong News Hook

Outside, which was founded in 1977, has gone through plenty of reinventions. These days, the mag’s audience is 70 percent male and the pub targets not only those whose days typically […]

‘Diversity Is the New Black,’ Says Omnicom’s Tiffany R. Warren

Tiffany R. Warren is Omnicom‘s senior vice president and chief diversity officer, but her work on diversity isn’t just a day job. In 2005 Warren created ADCOLOR, a non-profit devoted to […]

Earn $1 a Word Writing for New Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Cadillac

What you don’t want to pitch to Cadillac Magazine are stories about Cadillacs. This new luxury magazine, launched in the spring of 2014, is geared to the lifestyles of the Cadillac-owning demographic. Ideas pitched […]

So You Want to Interview a Celebrity?

While landing a celebrity interview may be hard, the interview itself may prove even more of a challenge. You’ll likely be working under a limited time frame, provided a list […]