Christopher Heine

Christopher Heine

Christopher Heine is technology editor of Adweek, where he oversees coverage of today's rapidly evolving digital world. Chris and his reporting team specialize in covering data, mobile trends, social media, ad tech and emerging platforms.

More with Splatter Film God/Direct Marketer Herschell Gordon Lewis

As we discovered two weeks ago, Herschell Gordon Lewis is known among cult-movie fans as the 'Godfather of Gore,' for his influence on the splatter film genre, as well as unto marketers for his successful career as a direct response copywriter.

Jerky Taunts Fuel Beef Jerky Mobile Push

Beef jerky isn’t usually associated with cutting-edge technology, but one marketer in the category is claiming success with a mobile campaign.  

Herschell Gordon Lewis: Direct Marketing Renaissance Man

Herschell Gordon Lewis’ name may be familiar to cult movie fans who know his 1963 flick Blood Feast. Lewis is known in some circles as the 'Godfather of Gore,' for his influence on the splatter film genre.

Longer Hours Mean Higher Chat Conversions at Orvis

Expanding live chat by three hours has produced a lift of five whole percentage points in sales conversions for the Orvis Company. After offering chat from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST during most of 2008, the outdoors gear marketer began testing the hours of 6 a.m. to midnight in October.

Men’s Wearhouse Brings Localized Social Media to Prom

Men’s Wearhouse launched only five weeks ago, but it appears that the mini-site has already worked wonders for the company’s program called ‘Prom Representative,’ a traditionally offline brand.

Marketers Mull Using Social Net Feedback for Direct Campaigns

A debate appears to be brewing in the retail community about whether chatter from social media sites should be viewed as a potential direct marketing research goldmine or as sketchy territory.

A Direct Marketing Copywriter Tells All: Part II

As we discovered last week, the fundamentals of direct marketing drive successful Web-based campaigns (especially with e-mail marketing). But there’s always more to learn.

Consumers Reward ‘Slumdog’ for Online Tricks

Slumdog Millionaire, fresh off its best-picture Oscar, appears to be winning over consumers with an online campaign for the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the movie.

Tricks of the Trade: A Direct Marketing Copywriter Tells All

Online marketing is often presented as the hottest thing in marketing, but there’s a dirty little secret out there: the fundamentals of direct marketing drive successful Web-based campaigns. That’s especially true for e-mail marketing.