Angela Natividad

Angela Natividad

Adweek contributor
Angela Natividad is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak. She is also the author of Generation Creation and co-founder of Hurrah, an esports agency. She lives in Paris and when she isn't writing, she can be found picking food off your plate.

This Ad Copywriter Is Raising Money to Run an Anti-Trump Attack Ad in New Hampshire

Trump would date his daughter!Trump's son likes hunting!Trump says he could shoot a man and still win! We're sick of seeing Trump in our Facebook feeds.Thankfully, we aren't alone: Louis Wittig, a copywriter at Grey, is in fact so sick of it that he's decided to launch his own attack campaign in the hope of turning a few Republicans around in one of the places where it counts: New Hampshire. 

LGBTQ Posters in Toronto Schools Send Messages of Love in the Flash of a Camera Phone

The climate in which kids are growing up is changing dramatically, but schools remain some of the toughest environments to endure when you're marked as different. Thankfully, there's more support now than ever from adults and community members with authority. 

For Its Swan Song, Droga5 Sydney Used Coasters to Solicit Ideas for a Brewer’s Short Film

This was the last piece of work Droga5 Australia brought to life before shutting house. And however you might feel about the agency, it's a tribute to what it could have been, and to the idea that well-harnessed crowdsourcing can bear quite edible fruit. 

‘Be an Engineer,’ Exxon Mobil Tells Apathetic Young People in Equally Apathetic Ads

Let's imagine a world without engineers. What does that look and feel like?It's upon this thought experiment that BBDO New York embarks in "Be an Engineer," an effort by Exxon Mobil to motivate young people to ... well, use your engineering prowess to complete this sentence.

Alligator, Space Invader: The Many Faces of David Bowie in Advertising

In losing David Bowie, we lost an avatar. But you knew that already.Here's a retrospective of Bowie's many appearances in advertising, which are as diverse as the man himself. His close relationship to the industry is also satisfyingly personal: Before blowing our minds just like he thought he would, Bowie spent a year at Nevin D. Hirst Advertising as a commercial artist in training. So simmer in that warm tidbit, which ties us ever closer to the Diamond Dog, as we take a reverse-chronological meander through his ad appearances. 

Belgium’s Top Ad Execs Are Donating Sperm and Eggs to Ensure the Nation’s Creative Future

People will do anything to protect a legacy. And Belgium is taking that to the next level.The country is extremely proud of its creative reputation. In four years, it has won 78 Cannes Lions, which is bananas for a country with a population of just 11.2 million. But young people are losing interest in advertising careers, which means there's a crisis coming. "The number of students in creative fields has actually declined," says Greet Wachters, manager of Creative Belgium. "Those who opt for creative studies don't always end up looking for work in agencies." In 10 or 20 years, there might not be a sufficient number of creatives to pick up the slack, adds managing partner Isabel Van den Broeck.To resolve the problem, Creative Belgium partnered with the Centre for Reproductive Medicine of Brussels and ad agency Air to come up with something smart, creepy, and only vaguely eugenicist: "Ad Babies," an appeal to today's creatives to donate sperm—and eggs!—to ensure Belgium's creative future. 

The Holidays Weren’t So Happy for the Boy in This Haunting, Heartbreaking PSA

Not everyone in the family may have been looking forward to the holiday onslaught, as evidenced by this dark PSA from France. 

Ad of the Day: Grey Just Designed a Bicycle That Has the Symptoms of MS

This is a terrible bike to ride.

KitKat Posted the Perfect Tweet in Response to One Direction Taking a Break

One Direction is going on hiatus beginning in March, and they apparently can't wait.Because this is Super-Bowl-blackout-level news, just waiting in the wings for an Oreo to own it, KitKat seized the day: Working with J. Walter Thompson, it posted a tweet that uses the 1D news to build on its longtime "Have a break" slogan: 

This Food Retailer Is Celebrating a ‘Gender Free Christmas’ for Kids With an Adorable Ad

Système U, the fourth-largest food retail group in France, is tackling bigger issues than hoverboard stockage in its holiday catalog this year. With a new campaign from TBWA, it's asking: What worldview are we passing on to our kids?