Woodstein: How it Felt

We’ve secured an advanced copy of Carl Bernstein’s account of the denouement following Mark Felt’s outing (the piece appears in the October Vanity Fair). The piece is part timeline of […]

Taking Out The Trash 09.06.05

Other popular Katrina bits and bytes around the web (forgive our detour on this stuff, but we believe the situation warrants it): “Refugee” or “evacuee“? Babbling Babs. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann […]

The Other Other Roberts Family

We’ll let Roll Call/CQ/The Hill/Hotline/etc. lead the charge in expressing condolences for the losses suffered by Hill folk thanks to Katrina. In D.C.’s Media Family, our thoughts go out to […]

Howie says, “Wowie!”

There certainly hasn’t been a lack of analysis (and analysis of the analysis soon to come, for sure) on the media’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Still, no verdict can be […]

Labor Day Media Roundup

It was anything but a relaxing Labor Day weekend for American media. The Chief Justice’s death kept Blackberries abuzzing late into Saturday night and early Sunday morning, and yesterday’s John […]

‘We have been abandoned by our own country’

We suppose it was only a matter of time before Tim Russert–rumored by everyone but Arianna Huffington to be the toughest interviewer on the Sunday talk show circuit–made a grown […]

Rehnquist Dies: Multi-tasking

The Chief Justice Dies and the Media Multitasks

NY Times Trade Reporter Ships Out

NY Times Trade Reporter Ships Out

TV Shifts to “Appalling Images”

TV Shifts to "Appalling Images"

Job (and Homeland) Security at CQ

Job (and Homeland) Security at CQ