Be Mine: Parallels Between Digital Advertising and Online Dating

Dating and advertising. Both are booming in the online realm—flipping the traditional relationship and ad stories upside down. With that, our insights, actions and results are also evolving.

Brands Need to Understand and Embrace the Owned Media of Apps

In the United States today there are more than 327 million mobile devices being used on a daily basis. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, an astounding 91 percent of Americans currently own cellphones, and nearly two-thirds of consumers utilize their mobile devices to access the Internet. 

Women Are the Dominant Media Voice During the Super Bowl

Bow your heads, folks. Let’s have a moment of silence for the end of an era— that of Monday-morning quarterbacking. How antiquated it seems to have to wait until the game’s guacamole dip has browned to share key takeaways about the ads.

My Wife Doesn’t ‘Get How It Is in Advertising’

Remember the whole Magnolia cupcake thing?

Bruno Mars Isn’t a Superstar Like Other Super Bowl Alumni, and That’s Why He’s the Perfect Choice

The Super Bowl has long been America’s game and the leader in using spectacle to engage sports fans. As the event has grown in size and grandeur, it has thrilled millions with its glitz, glamour and sizzle. But in 2013, today’s younger audience isn’t drawn toward ’80s extravagance nor influenced by many traditional marketing tactics. 

Hire 3 Women to Disrupt White-Male Hegemony

Last month, Business Insider published an article headlined “Why Advertising’s Most Powerful Creative Thinks So Few Women Are Able to Break Through,” quoting Susan Hoffman, ecd of Wieden+Kennedy, as saying: “I went to The 3% Conference, but I didn’t see

The Whole Culture of a Business Should Be Built on Its ‘Why’

Business. The word used to conjure up dreary images of briefcases and pressed shirts. 

The Future of Advertising Hinges on Understanding Identity

 The word identity comes from the Latin word ident, meaning repeatedly, or again and again. The concept of identity is critically important in advertising. How can we aspire to provide relevant, meaningful messaging if we don’t fully understand who we’re speaking to? We’ve hardly begun to solve the problem.

Agencies Must Keep Talent Fulfilled and Engaged

To help navigate the complex choice-based world of channels, tactics and trends that we all live in, I’ve recently been focusing on a simple concept that will be crucial to future success: Keep the freaks happy.

Success in Native Advertising Hinges on Preserving Best Practices

The drumbeat around native advertising has been pretty loud over the last few months and with good reason. Great online content drives consumer engagement. People are passionate about the content they love and about the sites they visit regularly to discover and share that content.