How To Create Wallpapers For Cell Phone

MoboPic is recently launched service for creating wallpapers for cell phone. This free tool comes together with Flash based photo editor that makes this tool very easy to use and […]

Facebook Off

A movie trailer from the creators of Facebook and Face/Off:

Facebook Introduces Polls

Oh the irony! Last night I was messing around with the Facebook API to learn more about it and decided that I would create a Facebook polls applicaiton. Lo and […]

Unofficial Flickr Application Launches

While Flickr hasn’t launched an official application yet, Kaleb Fulgham, from the University of Houston decided to take it upon himself to make a simple Flickr application called “My Flickr”. […]

Cingular Changes Web Site to AT&T

Just yesterday, we were on Cingular’s Web site checking out their media offerings. Today, everything is different. RCR Wireless News is reporting that AT&T, in its continuing transition away from […]

Cellphones Get Personal — Maybe Too Personal

In this Reuters article, reporter Sinead Carew shows how people are using cellphone GPS in their everyday lives. As Carew points out, it’s a technology that was originally designed to […] Joins Facebook

Highly popular launched their official Facebook application yesterday., who was just purchased by CBS for $280 million provides users with an effective way of tracking all of their […]

Yamgo to Launch Free Mobile TV

Yamgo, an extreme sports mobile TV provider, joined forces with Tom Horn, a Slovakian mobile software developer that doesn’t seem to have any Web presence whatsoever. They just announced an […]

RedBull Launches Roshambull

RedBull has successfully launched one of the first branded applications for Facebook. Roshambull is the RedBull version of Rock Paper Scissors. At last check, over 75,000 users had added the […]

XMe App Proves Popular With Facebook Users

A Cambridge University student, Timothy Green, was tired of poking people and wanted something else to do to people. In turn the XMe Facebook application was born. XMe enables users […]