Amp’d Mobile Enters Chapter 11

Amp’d Mobile, a mobile media-focused carrier that was nearing the 200,000 subscriber mark, filed for Chapter 11 on Friday. Amp’d offer’d a fairly compelling product, with dozens of TV channels […]

The New AllFacebook Group

Given that this is a blog dedicated to everything related to Facebook, I thought that it would be only natural to launch a group on Facebook. In all honesty, I’m […]

What Facebook Applications Do You Want?

It’s no secret that new Facebook applications are being added to the network at a furious pace. I’ve personally added 8 nifty gadgets – most of which have broken while […]

Matches Brings Secret Admirers to Facebook

Thanks to Aryeh Goldsmith you can now have or be a secret admirer of someone. While at first shot it is pretty creepy, there are some neat aspects of it. […]

This Week’s Top 25 Hottest Facebook Apps

It’s only been a week since Facebook announced Platform, enabling anyone in the world to create Facebook applications. Hundreds of Facebook apps have already been created in the week since. […]

Top 9 Application One Ups MySpace

On MySpace you can choose who your “Top 8” friends are on the site. Now, thanks to Eric Kirse of Penn State you can place your “Top 8” friends on […]

Stocks Application Drives Traffic to Forbes

Forbes recently released a new Stocks application that allows you to add stocks that you are watching to your profile. All in all it is practically useless. Features include the […]

The Facebook Movie: A Good Overview

The Facebook Movie was released in October 2006 so you may have seen it awhile ago but we thought it was appropriate to point it out again as it covers […]

Winamp "Now Playing" Plugin For MSN And Windows Live Messenger

Want to share your music taste with your friends? Use MessengerAMP which displays currently played song in Winamp music player. MessengerAMP supports MSN massanger and Windows Live Messenger and if […]

Share a Drink with Facebook?

What could be better than sharing your favorite drinks with friends? Facebook might be able to help you out. Well, sort of. While you may not be able to order […]