Texting Conventions Cross Over to Writing

The State Examination Commission, an education commission in Dublin, Ireland, said that text messaging poses a threat to schoolchildren, after reviewing the examination results of 15-year-olds. “Text messaging, with its […]

Ellie-Nominated Mags Go Mobile

This week, the 2007 National Magazine Awards will showcase the best and the brightest in the magazine industry. Yet — from Fortune to Wired, and beyond — underneath the glossy […]

The Economist: Writing is on the Wall for Copy Protection

The UK-based Economist has a great article about digital rights management (DRM) called “Criminalizing the Consumer.” It’s an easy-to-read history of copy protection, as well as how it applied to […]

Report: 7 Million Download Mobile Games Each Month

The NPD Group just released a report about the mobile game industry here in the U.S. MocoNews lists some relevant numbers from the report: – 29 million subscribers play games; […]

Cingular’s New Widgets

Cingular has teamed up with Freewebs, a multimedia marketing company with clients that include Adidas, Sony, and Reebok. The two firms together will launch ad-supported ringtones and “widgets,” as well […]

Soon You Can Control Live TV with Text Messages

Artificial Life, Inc., a mobile games company based in Hong Kong with titles such as America’s Next Top Model 8 and the upcoming (Japan-only) Happy Feet, just bought SMS Galaxy […]

Local 1st May Reboot Party in Latvia

The 1st may tradition of changing website design have been established in year 2000 and now this tradition have turned in huge worldwide event for many designers and web activists. […]

Steve Jobs Nixes Subscription Music Idea (Again)

Steve Jobs never liked the idea of subscription-based music. He feels that consumers would rather buy instead of “rent” their tunes. Even if you get access to two million songs […]

4INFO Expands Text Advertising

We’re starting to see a lot of text-based mobile services. While software vendors battle it out to get their programs working on hundreds of possible handsets, text campaigns allow companies […]

Philips: It’s about Sense and Simplicity

Philips is offering a new, free service for cell phone users. Philips Simplicity Concierge lets you send text messages in order to find out things about cities you plan on […]