Make Money With Facebook

Tom Scott has come up with a way to monetize both your Twitter and Facebook accounts. By joining Twitcash you can make money for each follower you have in twitter […]

Facebook is Insanely Viral

Many of you may be wondering why there has been so much buzz surrounding the launch of the Facebook platform. Well if you have been cruising the blogosphere, you may […]

GSN Brings Interactive Casino TV to Mobile Phones

MediaPost is reporting that GSN, an interactive network, will be joining forces with U.K. production company Two Way TV in order to let U.S. viewers play along with game shows […]

Bush Countdown Clock

Counting down the days until we have a change of administration in this country? Tired of the same old policies? Count down the days until there is a change of […]

NYT Muses About iPhone Drooling

Apparently the new Apple iPhone commercials caused quite a stir among both the Apple faithful and the public at large, according to this article in The New York Times. The […]

SuperPoke! Application Adds Serious Fun to Facebook

SuperPoke! is a much needed augmentation to the Facebook Poke system. For all you kiddies that don’t know, Poke has been the only fleeting action a user can take to […]

CNN Mobile Takes Off

AdAge published an article about’s startling growth compared with CNN (the TV channel). As CNN’s TV viewership declines, the companion Web site is cruising along with 26 million unique […]

The Sad Side of the Digital Music Revolution

The classic independent record store, a la High Fidelity, is on its way out. That trend has been happening for some time, of course, as more people download music, buy […]

FBuddies Adds Dating Features Built on Matches

Aryeh Goldsmith seems to be pumping out applications like there is no tomorrow. This application is a follow-up to the matches application that lets you add a secret admirer to […]

Apple To Offer Online Movie Rentals?

If it worked, it would put a serious dent in Netflix’s business. According to the Financial Times, Apple is in talks with Hollywood Studios about an online movie rental service […]