Europe Monitoring South Korea’s Mobile TV Market

When it comes to mobile TV, everyone has an eye on South Korea. The Hollywood Reporter notes that “when it comes to the mobile phone industry, the common wisdom is […]

Cellphone Networks Still Not Infallible

eWEEK has two articles up that show cellphone networks still aren’t as robust as they could be, even at this stage in the game. The first article covers the problems […]

Business 2.0: Live Mobile TV To Go National

Business 2.0 has a useful write-up of the state of mobile TV. The landscape changes almost daily; in this article, Business 2.0 reports about Verizon’s plans to go national with […]

Sprint TV Webisodes to Feature Leah Remini

TV Sitcom star Leah Remini, a cast member of “King of Queens,” will star in a series of “webisodes” (web-based videos) via a partnership with Suave, Sprint and MindShare Entertainment, […]

Now You Can Shop via Text Message

As if you didn’t already have enough temptations to spend money, a new company called ShopText lets you buy CDs, clothes, and more just by sending a text message from […]

Samsung and Nokia to cooperate on Mobile TV

Samsung and Nokia announced a joint effort to ensure that their phones work together with mobile TV. According to this LetsGoMobile report, the effort is to encourage greater adoption of […]

Judges Strike Down Internet Radio Appeal

The AP is reporting that a panel of copyright judges threw out an appeal to an earlier ruling that raises royalty payments for Internet radio stations. From the AP story: […]

Apple Rumored to Consider Subscription Service

For years, Apple has maintained that consumers want to own music rather than rent it. Meanwhile, Napster, Yahoo, Rhapsody, Urge, and others have been offering subscription services that average $15 […]

Mobile Media News to Sponsor Web 2.0 Forum

Mobile Media News is now an official Media Sponsor of the upcoming Mobile Convergence Web 2.0 forum. Hosted by UCLA-WINMEC (Wireless Internet for the Mobile Enterprise Consortium), the forum will […]

Moneybookers – PayPal Alternative

Since PayPal isn’t developing their online payment services and the list of countries ‘Send Money Online’ doesn’t get smaller you need to search for alternative services to PayPal. I have […]