Facebook Flyer Exchange Cracks Through The Ice

Last week I posted about a new application that exploited Facebook’s available space where they typically place a banner ad. As of today, the thin ice that Flyer Exchange was […]

AirG Reaches 20 Million Mobile Users

MediaPost reports that AirG, the Canadian company that powers mobile communities across providers like Verizon, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, announced that it reached the 20 million user mark. AirG works […]

NBC Asks Justice Department For Help With Piracy

The chief executive of NBC Universal on Wednesday said piracy of copyright movies, music and other goods is “getting worse, not better” and urged the Justice Department to step up […]

AT&T: We’re Not Censoring Anyone

AT&T fired back at a recent report suggesting that the company is censoring bloggers who are critical of AT&T by shutting down their Internet service. According to a post on […]

Sony BMG: “Copying” Your Own Music is “Stealing”

Here’s a brilliant quote. Technology blog ars technica reports that testimony on Tuesday in Capitol Records, et al v. Jammie Thomas quickly and inadvertently turned to the topic of fair […]

Hi5 Launching Competing Platform to Facebook

I’m at the Community Next platform in Sunnyvale California. While there had been rumors of competing social networks working on launching platforms similar to Facebook’s, one of the chief developers […]

iLike Launches Service for Musicians

iLike has just announced a new service for musicians that enables them to create a band page that is displayed on both the iLike website as well as Facebook. According […]

Web 2.0 Slow to Take Hold on Mobile

A new study found that brands and advertisers aiming to reach “connected consumers” need to focus on targeting their niche with easily distributed, customizable, socially charged content–but not necessarily on […]

RockYou Looking to Exit?

Just yesterday I wrote about RockYou CEO, Lance Tokuda’s statement that he would turn down a $10 million offer for the SuperWall application. Around the same time, Valleywag posted that […]

Import Your Orkut Profile Into Facebook

As useful as importing your Orkut profile into Facebook, the MyOrkut application enables you to do the same thing but for Orkut. Developed in India by Jeetu Mirchandani, this application […]