Shuttle Admin Panel Screenshots

Shuttle is administration panel design that is taking WordPress to higher level. Design of the admin panel is ready now and you can see it on screenshots. Developers are working […]

4,000 companies have created Facebook directories

Facebook continues to explode on the work networking scene. After launching company directories 3 weeks ago, the number of new company Facebooks created this week has doubled to 2,000, bringing […]

Facebook monetizes up to 40 times better than MySpace

This week’s New Yorker magazine has a lengthy piece by John Cassidy on Facebook, including an interview with Mark Zuckerberg. The most interesting part of the article touches on how […]

The WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition

Today on was announced WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition Winners. There are several categories: Best Overall Designs Most Creative Design Best 3 Column Design Best 2 Column Design Best Use […]

My WordPress plug-ins

Here I will describe some WordPress plug-ins, which I use and think they can help others to simplify blogging. WP plug-ins may be very useful and ease very much problems, […]

Congressman introduces bill to block Facebook

“Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives have proposed legislation that would require schools and libraries to prohibit access to social networking sites. The bill, introduced Tuesday by Rep. […]

Windows Live Facebook?

In its quest to steal a piece of the internet ad pie from Google and Yahoo, Microsoft is doubtless trying to figure out how it can better crack the youth […]

Facebook photos used to charge Wisconsin students

According to a Madison TV station, students at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater were arrested when a fellow student emailed a photograph found on a fellow student’s Facebook profile […]

Google Trends is on

Yesterday Google launched one very useful tool – Google Trends. It analyses how often search terms are being searched at Google.

Corporate networks on Facebook double in first week to almost 2,000

Taking a look at the corporate network listings on Facebook this morning I noticed that the number of registered companies has increased from 878 to 1,855 since Facebook started taking […]