Your Virtual House on Facebook

MyMiniLife, the highly popular widget that has been available on most of the other social networks, has just launched their Facebook widget. MyMiniLife is a flash based virtual world. Similar […]

Friendster Experiences Phenomenal Growth

According to VentureBeat, Friendster experienced a 40 percent page view boost in May resulting in a whopping 9 billion page views. This is pretty impressive given the massive competition created […]

Shopping Malls and The Facebook

In the 1980s shopping malls were all the rage. They were the “big thing” in consumer marketing because for the first time, many stores were aggregated in one spot. Stores […]

Hosting Issues

For those that came to the site and weren’t able to access it yesterday evening I apologize. My existing hosting company has provided me with some horrendous service. I am […]

Facebook users add 65 million apps in first month – average of 2.5 per person

It’s hard to believe it’s now been a month since the Facebook Platform was announced to much hype and fanfare. Prophecies like “Facebook is the new Internet,” “Facebook is the […]

Music Tracker Face(book)-off

Music is a big, defining category for the Facebook generation, and so it’s no surprise that there are more than enough apps that allow users to show off what they’re […]

Google Answers Copycat on Facebook

The now deceased Google Answers has been resurrected by Tom Tenaglia under a new name on Facebook, fbAsk. Just like Google Answers did, fbAsk pays experts to answer questions. Users […]

The Scoop on AT&T iPhone Plans

The Associated Press came through with the final numbers on the iPhone plans. Up until now, all we knew were the iPhone prices – $499 and $599 – but nothing […]

Freewebs Jumps on the Facebook Bandwagon

Many have been speculating about whether or not other social networks and websites would start opening up as a result of Facebook’s actions. Yesterday I discussed LinkedIn opening up their […]

No One Uses Their Phones for Music

It’s a sobering thought during the week of the iPhone launch. JupiterResearch just released a report saying that while music-capable mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous in the U.S., very few […]