Current.TV – Viewer Created Content (VC2)

I think since success of YouTube there is no question that people like user created content. Current.TV is a nice example that in satellite and cable TV this idea can […]

Are QR Codes the Next Big Thing?

iMedia Connection is asking if QR (quick response) codes are the next big thing in mobile marketing. Here’s the back-story: Denso-Wave, a Japanese corporation, developed them back in 1994. But […]

Report: Good Luck Finding Mobile Content

Clearly the carriers and phone vendors need some help designing user interfaces on cellphones. Here are some results from a recent Strategy Analytics study on portal experiences: – Among the […]

Yahoo Panel to Marketers: Get In Mobile Now, While You Still Can

At Yahoo’s mobile marketing summit yesterday in NYC, Yahoo urged companies to “get in now and do it right,” MediaPost is reporting. In America, we’re running about 12 to 18 […]

Hey EMI, Are We Still On For May?

We still haven’t heard a peep from EMI and Apple about their promise to remove digital rights management (DRM) from EMI’s online music catalog by the end of the month. […]

Pandora Radio Goes Mobile

Pandora, the wildly popular Internet radio site, just launched a new program called Pandora On the Go. As PC Magazine reports, Sprint subscribers can stream all their Pandora stations to […]

How to Protect Yourself From Skype Viruses

Seams like Skype users lately is experiencing massive virus activity and also I have received potentially dangerous messages with suspicious links from Skype. That’s the reason why I decided to […]

AT&T Finally Replacing Cingular Brand

After several years of waffling, AT&T is swallowing the Cingular brand name whole. Overnight, presumably when no one is looking, AT&T has been going around replacing all the “Cingular” trappings […]

Send Text Messages to Z100

We hope this doesn’t lead to having to be the “100th Text Messager” to win free concert tickets. Z100, along with four other NYC stations, are now accepting text messages […]

Microsoft Eyes Mobile Media with $6 Billion Acquisition

Analysts are starting to weigh in on last week’s bombshell announcement that Microsoft is buying aQuantive for $6 billion. (For perspective, that’s twice what Google paid for DoubleClick, and nearly […]