Facebook Begins to Open

Yesterday, Dave Winer reported that Facebook is beginning to open up. It’s true. It actually started happening two days ago. I started receiving notifications on Monday through my Google desktop […]

Facebook is NOT that open

Dave Winer and Michael Arrington are making a big deal today about Facebook RSS feeds for friends’ status updates and posted items. While it’s true that these features are a […]

How To Add Background Image And Color To MySpace

One of the most important ways how to personalize your MySpace profile page is to change background. It can be done in several ways and methods but the most important […]

Microsoft Finishes Digesting aQuantive

Microsoft just completed its $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive in an effort to help the software giant capture a larger portion of the online advertising pie, and eventually the overall […]

Over 100 Local Newspapers and TV Stations Get Mobile Sites

The Virginia-based media outlet Gannett Co. has developed mobile news sites that correspond to some 84 daily newspapers and 19 broadcast station Web sites, as well as one for its […]

Do Facebook Users Have a MySpace Mentality?

Today there is some discussion about Facebook users’ willingness to add strangers as friends. Apparently they are not as selective as once thought. In a test by IT security firm […]

Classmates.com Goes Public, Is Facebook Next?

According to Mashable, Classmates.com is filing for an IPO. Their reported offering will be worth $125 million. They currently have 50 million registered users with over 5 percent of those […]

More Facebook source code published

Two days after publishing the Facebook home page source code, Facebook Secrets has published the source code for Facebook Search. It must have taken some quick thinking and intentionality to […]

Advertise By Demographics Within Apps

I have found yet another Facebook application advertising network. This is the fifth one to launch. They haven’t done very much promotion though since I found it within the developer […]

The current state of Facebook ad networks

Guest Post by Sundeep Ahuja Though the early Facebook application M&A going on is exciting and potentially lucrative for those developers who can build and cash out quickly, more sustainable […]