Facebook brings in AIM + ICQ GM turned Mayfield VC as new VP

The WSJ reported today that Facebook has hired Chamath Palihapitiya as its new VP, Product Marketing and Operations. Chamath has spent the last year and a half investing in consumer […]

Shelfari Launches Facebook App

Shelfari, a book based social network, has just launched their Facebook application. The application is designed to let you easily display your books and rate them. Launched in October 2006, […]

Facebook censoring “Facebook” groups?

A friend pointed out something interesting to me today: Go to Facebook Groups and search for “Facebook” and check out what’s returned–nothing. But this seems a little odd, because “Facebook” […]

Yahoo Ends Musicmatch Service

Yahoo! purchased Musicmatch back in 2004 for $160 million. Musicmatch was a free music player application that came with a lot of non-Apple portable MP3 players. This wasn’t a big […]

eBuddy Mobile Messenger – Chat With Your MSN, Yahoo, AIM Friends Using Mobile Phone

I bet that even greatest chatters don’t spend all day by computer – things like school and work is stealing they time to chat with friends. Now maybe you have […]

Here Fishy Fishy

Ever dream about one day having a huge aquarium filled with exotic fish? Dream no more! You can now have your own virtual aquarium to show off on your Facebook […]

iriver and Real in Bed Together

Given Apple’s near-total dominance of the portable MP3 player market, there’s not always much hope for alternative pairings of MP3 players and online stores. Nevertheless, iriver and Real are giving […]

I've Gone Viral

I once wondered if the Facebook application directory would help my application gain traction. Looks like the answer was a resounding “Yes!” For those who thought that Facebook’s virality was […]

Helio Amps Up YouTube Uploads

In an effort to justify charging $5.99 per month for something that is normally free, Helio just made the YouTube upload process easier. Any Helio subscriber that shoots a video […]

Facebook Creates A Revolution in Relationships

“Hey are you on LinkedIn?” “No.” “Are you on MySpace?” “Yes but I don’t use my account really.” “Are you on Facebook?” “Yes … I love it ….” So maybe […]