Tech Industry Forgets iPhone, Wonders About New iPods

What iPhone? Apparently, that device is so two weeks ago. Apple 2.0, among other tech blogs, have now set their sights on a possible update to the now-venerable iPod. “Now […]

Esquire Wades Into Mobile Waters

Hot on the heels of many Ellie-nominated magazines going mobile, Esquire recently launched its own mobile Web site, located at “The jury is out on how people will use […]

UTA’s Brent Weinstein Forms Web Movie Studio

As we’ve reported in the past, exclusive mobile content is beginning to become a reality. The latest: AdAge says that United Talent Agency digital head Brent Weinstein is leaving the […]

How Facebook Can Fix Their Ads

There has been a bunch of buzz today about how Facebook advertising produces poor results. Valleywag has also confirmed that the average click through rate of Facebook ads is 0.04%. […]

Broadcast Radio to Launch Text Message Campaigns

HipCricket, a marketing company that provides real-time text traffic alerts to mobile phones, just signed a deal with six radio broadcast companies. The new deal will bring “opt-in” text marketing […]

Let Pets Battle on Facebook

A crazy new game has been released on Facebook that allows you pick a pet, put it on your profile and then battle your friend’s pets. While I’ve seen similar […]

Surf Forecast App Sends Web Surfers Surfing

Having just returned from a nice long weekend at the beach, it’s only appropriate that my first post back would be about a surf forecast application. Global Surfari – a […]

Facebook Fascination at an All Time High

Search volume for “Facebook” is 4x what it was a year ago. Media references to “Facebook” are 4x what they were four months ago, back to September 2006 feed-privacy-concern levels. […]

Facebook VC: We’re Investing in Facebook Apps Too

For Facebook application developers, not all VCs are created equal…at least when it comes to the support they can lend your company if they also happen to, say, sit on […]

Second Facebook Ad Network Launching

Om Malik posted earlier this morning about yet another Facebook application ad network. The network is called Lookery and is being started as a partnership between Scott Rafer (the creator […]