First Facebook Ad Network Launches

There had been rumors about companies scrambling to make a Facebook ad network for applications. The 30Boxes team has gone and launched the first in application ad network. Their application […]

Microsoft Buying Facebook for $6 Billion?

The rumor of the day seems to be that Microsoft is buying Facebook for $6 billion. This would be huge news if true. While I’m fairly skeptical of this, especially […]

Mobile Video Usage Grows Dramatically

It’s still a relatively small market, but the numbers are impressive. MediaPost is reporting that the percentage of mobile device users who view video programming and advertising while on the […]

Find Your Real Neighbors on Facebook

Want an easy way to find your real neighbors that are on Facebook? Nathan Blecharczyk has created an application that automatically displays your closest 50 neighbors. I was surprised that […]

Facebook App Developers Get Google Analytics!

Facebook made some updates to their platform late last night, including two changes of significance for developers. First, they updated the developers’ application list with an attribute they are calling […]

Another Facebook Bands Offering

Last night I noticed a new bands application in the Facbook application directory created by Patrick Keenum. This is the first one to launch that is not a branded application […]

Will SocialStream be Google's Facebook Competitor?

This past weekend there was a lot of buzz around a Google research project called SocialStream. As expressed on the project page: Socialstream is the result of a Google-sponsored capstone […]

Kool IM – Web Instant Messenger

Kool IM is another great service which gives you possibility to access different instant messenger accounts using just web browser. I wrote an article about eBuddy couple days ago which […]

Facebook Grows 25 Percent in 7 Weeks

Want to talk about explosive growth? Facebook has grown from 24 million users 7 weeks ago to over 30 million users as of this morning. That is pretty darn impressive. […]

Facebook Rockets Past 30 Million Users

Word out of Facebook is that as of this morning Facebook officially passed the 30,000,000 active user mark! This marks a major milestone in Facebook’s incredible growth over the last […]