Magazine Reading on Cellphones Expected to Rise

AdAge is reporting that the consulting firm Deloitte found that every generation — from young millennials (ages 13 to 24) to Generation X (25 to 41) to baby boomers (42 […]

AOL Ad Revenue Wildly Misses Targets

So much for AOL holding it together. According to Time Warner’s new earnings report, “AOL reported the worst sales drop since ditching its subscription model last August,” wrote MediaPost. Significantly, […]

Netvibes Launches Facebook Widget

For all those Netvibes users, you can now access all of your important Facebook information from the comfort of your Netvibes homepage. Tariq Krim posted about it this morning on […]

Verizon Wireless Nails AC/DC Exclusive

In a surprising move, Verizon Wireless secured the exclusive rights to distribute AC/DC music digitally, locking out Apple from selling their music in the iTunes Store. “Verizon Wireless has snagged […]

A Cool Way To Show Off Your Friends

While not a revolutionary applicatoin, GridView provides users with a pretty cool way of viewing their friends. It is extremely straight forward. Add the application, and watch the application crop […]

The RotorBlog Netvibes Universe Page

Last week I received e-mail from Netvibes and they offered possibility to launch Netvibes Universe for RotorBlog. Netvibes Universes are customizable public pages with all the Netvibes stuff inside. And […]

Pandora Launches Facebook Application

The immensely popular online radio site, Pandora, has just launched their Facebook application. The application allows you to link your existing Pandora account or simply login without your account. Pandora […]

Nokia Goes After Apple

Nokia is getting into the online music store game. According to Engadget, Nokia is planning to launch a standalone online music download store sometime this month. “The mobile phone kingpin […]

Facebook Launching Payment System?

In the next 6 to 12 months a large portion of social networks are going to open up their platforms to developers. As open platforms become the standard within social […]

Recording Industry Still Trying to Kill Internet Radio

You would think that record companies would embrace new mediums, which enable listeners to discover new music, listen more often, and buy more as a result. Well, you probably wouldn’t […]