Jia Shen at Graphing Social Patterns

Dave McClure has posted a video of Jia Shen speaking Graphing Social Patterns conference last week. Here it is:

Tim O'Reilly at Graphing Social Patterns

Dave McClure just posted the video of Tim O’Reilly’s keynote at the Graphing Social Patterns conference. I previously live-blogged the talk. If you want to see the whole presentation, here […]

Facebook standardizes invitation UI across all apps

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that they would be standardizing the invitation sending UI and eliminating the notifications.sendRequest method for developers. However, they did not give a specific timeline […]

Viral Strategy Panel at Graphing Social – Video Now Up

Two weeks ago I moderated a discussion panel on Viral Strategy at the Graphing Social conference in San Jose. I was joined by Blake Commagere, Jason Beckerman, Jia Shen, and […]

Little Facebook Easter Egg

Amit Agarwal points out a little Facebook easter egg: a “Grid View” for your friends. Simply go to your Friends page, and choose the “—” option from the “Show” dropdown. […]

Facebook moves toward Networking, away from Random Play

Facebook this week made the blog press when it added “Networking” to “Looking for” on your profile. This move makes sense, as Facebook accommodates its increasingly older, more professional user […]

Google Launches Unimpressive Application

This morning a new Google News application was receiving a lot of hype. Most people were singing praises about the new application. I’m not quite sure why. If you want […]

Facebook Gives Application Developers a Taste of SEO

One of the biggest downfalls of Facebook applications has always been inaccessibility to search engines. Instead, Facebook application developers have been forced to invest substantial amounts into advertising if they […]

Mobile Web Browsing Without Long URLs

Accessing Web sites from your mobile device just became a bit easier thanks to RocketShotz. Designed to get you to Web sites faster, the service eliminates the need to thumb-in […]

Flickr Improves Geotagging With “Places Pages”

Flickr has improved their geotagging system by making it a lot easier for people to find, view and search for photos based on places and tags.