Freedom On The March Dept.

The New York Sun says Bush has "a historic chance" to redefine his presidency. So why aren't there any critics in the piece? Oh, right. They didn't sign the "loyalty pledge," most like.

One Chris Anderson, Two Chris Anderson, Three Chris Anderson…

Chris Anderson, Chris Anderson and Chris Anderson.

Korrecting the Kanapes

Does George Stephanopoulous serve canapes that often?

The Church of High and Low

High and low culture run amok

Crossroads Contretemps

The administration at the elite private Crossroads School, high school alma mater of Jack Black, Kate Hudson, Zoey Deschanel, and a gaggle of studio chief offspring, is jittery about the […]

Today’s Headline Styles

Today's Headline Styles


NYT Op Art weighs in on the bandwagon.

A Chilly Goodbye

After many years at the helm of Nightline, ABCNews' Nightline co-executive producer Leroy Sievers is finally leaving town.

San Quentin and Warm Fuzzies

We know NPR editors are real softies. So on the same day where Governator Schwarzenegger has refused clemency to a San Quentin inmate scheduled to die imminently, they sent a […]

Whiter Ontology?

Dewey is out, Tags Are In