Editor’s Letter: It’s Almost Time for Brandweek

We've reimagined it to help the brand marketing community and their partners be better at doing their jobs in our challenging times.

On the Road to Brandweek: M.Gemi President Cheryl Kaplan Discusses Creating an ‘Obsession-Worthy’ Brand

The company is focused on making concierge-level connections for fashion retail.

On the Road to Brandweek: Bumble’s Alexandra Williamson Discusses Their Shift to Social and Targeting Gen Z

Moving beyond dating to address broader issues women face in social networking.

Editor’s Letter: a Call to Action at Brandweek

These 4 themes will form the basis of the discussions, questions and debates in Palm Springs later this month.

On the Road to Brandweek: Levi’s Jennifer Sey Discusses Agencies and Storytelling for a Heritage Brand

Marrying value with modern sensibility is a key success driver.

On the Road to Brandweek: Flipboard’s Marci McCue Discusses Audience Journeys and Mindset Marketing

Looking forward to next-gen innovations for small-screen marketing.

Editor’s Letter: Facing the Future at Brandweek

The summit is less than a month away.

On the Road to Brandweek: DRL CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski Discusses 5G and Innovation

Drone technology sees competition from quite a few established arenas.

On the Road to Brandweek: Casper CMO Jeff Brooks Discusses Expanding Product Line and Innovation

With a focus on consumer experiences that promote better sleep.

On the Road to Brandweek: Kevin Hart Discusses Social Media and Generosity

The actor, comedian and entrepreneur will keynote on the new marketing summit's first day.