Billy the Kid and his Pantene Pro V

Guns and girls may mix in R. Kelly videos, but they make for lousy ad buys. Last week, David Carradine took over for little brother Keith on the History Channel’s […]

Following the bouncing BBHer

Try to keep up. This, as best we can tell, is the behind-the-scenes, back-and-forth, up-and-down of TBWA’s “hiring” of Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s David Terry. First there was the job offer […]

Serena makes WTA ad campaign come true

The WTA Tour Championships is thrilled with Serena Williams. The tournament, which marks the last event of the year on the women’s tennis circuit, focused on Williams and the Russian […]

Hurricane coming? Get the Pop-Tarts

In general, you’d say hurricanes are bad for business. But apparently they’re good for some products—specifically, beer and strawberry Pop-Tarts. According to an item in Sunday’s New York Times about […]

Parade of the disgusting ad icons

Heads up, yellow toe fungus spokes-yuck: There’s a new kid in town, and his name is Mr. Mucus. In what appears to be a candidate for the most disgusting ad […]

Tacoma spots leave us a little queasy

If you’re going to invent a fictitious physical ailment to get laughs in your TV spot, you might want to log on to WebMD or some other knowledgable site and […]

Smells like Baz Luhrmann

Doomed lovers. An impoverished writer who lives in a garret with a neon sign flashing outside through the night. A star who must go back to her earlier life. It’s […]

Safe and sound in Minneapolis

Maybe it’s the lingering influence of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but Americans associate Minneapolis with urban safety. In a Gallup poll released last week, adults were asked whether they […]

Putting the “F” in FCC

First there was Bono. Then there was Janet Jackson. Now there’s Tyler Palko. No, Palko’s not the best singer you never heard of, but he’s probably the latest individual to […]

The Matrix reconstituted

This is a not-very-good picture of two of the 25 or so Agent Smiths from The Matrix that descended upon the Grand Central Station subway station on Friday morning in […]