Papi’s promotion commotion

Up here in Boston, we didn’t have our Wheaties this morning. But we wish we’d been out shopping at the Shaw’s supermarket in Dedham, Mass., on Tuesday, when Red Sox […]

Write your own damn stories!

Picture this. Tuesday-night TV. Flipping through the channels, we are once again turned off by the sea of slop. On the reality front, there are those pitiful fatties on The […]

Talking turkey

As we are less than 24 hours away from the official start of the holiday season, AdFreak wishes to contemplate the following: Are women more sentimental than men during the […]

In a lather over Rather

We’ve never thought network news anchors spawned cottage industries—that seems more the role of precocious teen actresses/singers like Lindsey Lohan. But in the wake of the news that Dan Rather […]

In beer we trust

Will beer marketing stumble another few steps forward thanks to the United States Beer Drinking Team? The USBDT describes itself as the multimedia-marketing arm of the Beer Radio Network. What’s […]

Wash that e-mail message out with soap!

An innocent attempt to send, via e-mail, a portion of a magazine profile on WPP’s Martin Sorrell to HSBC’s Peter Stringham was greeted with an electronic body-slam last week. Why? […]

We’d rather jettison than jet

This is a picture of the premier copy of jetrosexual, a new custom magazine for Virgin Atlantic Airways, taken at its current residence—in our trash can. It was handed to […]

Ron Artest, challenger brand

Ron Artest wasn’t the only bad boy involved in the Pistons-Pacers fracas. But he’s the only one signed to a three-year endorsement deal with LA Gear, which until Friday was […]

There’s a Ford in your … TV show

NBC’s American Dreams, a ’60s drama that struck on a timely story line this season with a son MIA in Vietnam, came to us commercial-free Sunday night, but certainly not […]

Buy humbug

AdFreak knows how you like to reflect on what fun you’ve had during the annual “Buy Nothing Day” sponsored by those uplifting folks at Adbusters. So you’ll be happy to […]